Co-founder of Bufad Cinema, JULIE STACKHOUSE is a SAG AFTRA actor and producer.  She spent 10 years in corporate sales and marketing and has since come back into the arts world acting and producing while training at Playhouse West. Learn more about Julie and her accomplishments by clicking the link below.

Bufad Cinema was born in November of 2015 from an idea over a slice of pizza in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  As for the definition of Bufad (a VERY frequent question) -it means to "binge" or to "gorge."  Naturally as the founders were stuffing their faces, it seemed appropriate to find such a word to describe the love and dedication to all things film.  Since their hearts lie in the arts, what better motto to use, than "binge on cinema."

As a team, they pride themselves on being filmmakers first however; quickly identified that their skills, creativity, and knowledge could lend to other organizations.  By creating "cinema quality" content, businesses are now able to build their brand in a very visually compelling and interactive way.  Bufad is able to utilize their resources to create and establish content while collaborating with other local artists.  In addition, they continue to stay on top of their creative endeavours.  Stay tuned for upcoming production information, auditions, and additional projects by connecting on social media.

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Co-founder of Bufad Cinema, TOM SCHMITT is a SAG AFTRA actor, director, and editor from the Philadelphia area.  After graduating from Film School, Tom turned to acting and continues to study at Playhouse West while doing videography work.  Learn more about Tom and his accomplishments by clicking the link below. 

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